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1900 US Census Information (Excel file)
1901 Map of Sharpsville
Coffee Stir
First Universalist Church of Sharpsville
Rev. Clarence J. Harris
The History of the Blast Furnaces in Sharpsville, Pennsylvania from 1846 to 1954 by Mary Lou McCracken
Iron Making in Sharpsville
Jonas Pierce House - Application for National Register for Historic Places
Reminiscense Of Sharpsville - 1979
Sanborn Maps
Sharpsville Diamond Jubilee (1949)
Sharpsville Golden Jubilee Supplement to the Sharon Telegraph (1924)
Sharpsville Sports Scores 1921-1965
This is Shenango, a pictoral history of Shenango Furnace and allied companies, 1954

Photos from the Sacred Garden March 2010 Meet and Greet
Francisco Casanova Concert November 8th 2009
City & County Pictures
Opera House